Everyone has their story; this is my script.

Everyone has their story; this is my script.

“If you’ve never lost your mind, you’ve never followed your heart.”

I knew I was at a point where I needed to make very critical and essential decisions. Steps towards the direction I wanted to lead my life, decisions which would determine a lot of my future. . .but I kind of escaped this fact.

I had it in the back of my mind but I didn’t want to tackle it.

PS. Deal with it!


Just before I completed campus, an internship opportunity opened up for me; and boy, I was excited!!! Let me fill you in; it’s a requirement for me to graduate, the company I was called to is renowned, I did not struggle, So, why not? While at it, a job opening was right before me, in the same organisation, again, why not? Remember, I am still studying, I have work to deal with and life seems to be FAST MOVING!

Where are we headed with this?

Here I am, everyone around me thinks I am “making it” but I don’t think so. Working very late at night, very long hours, but is this where I want to be? Is it worth it?

I am writing this, exactly one week after quitting my job. I did not quit because I got a better calling, but I quit because this is what I needed to do.

I consulted influential people in my circle, in the professional circle, in my social circle and everyone thought I needed to fight on. However, this is not the direction I want to lead; so I need to stop and change direction, right?

I also learnt something very vital, so practically. Honey, put a price tag to your value. You have come a ling way to build your brand, but they seem to cost save through you, they take your worth for granted, leave it, it’s not worth it!

It was not an easy decision to arrive at; no salary, loss of the status quo, unemployed. . . but I was at peace with it.


Currently, I am happy because I will sit my final college exam without ‘work pressure’ & I will enjoy the festive season without ‘work shifts.’

Also, I take this as a time to strategize and redirect my actions towards where I wanna be in future; in the direction I want my life to lead.

PS. If being at this company was a contribution to where I wanted to be, I would not mind any shortcomings, I would definitely fight my way to the top!

Your story, may be different, it may be influenced by many factors, in the end though, it is up to you!

One thing for sure; listen to His (God) voice, do exactly that.

Furthermore, it is your life to lead, gear it towards your desired direction.

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