Employment taught me this...the good & the bad

Employment taught me this...the good & the bad

Hi my loves!

You know what Friday means…a new blog post.

This week I’ll be sharing a few lessons that I’ve learnt from the corporate world. I haven’t been employed for decades; just two years and four months

(precisely!) but I believe everyday is a learning day, so I have definitely learnt a bunch from that time.

  1. Own your job

You shouldn’t at any point work with the mentality that you’re doing it for your boss. Here’s why, you are likely to find the job more tasking, more like you’re being forced to be there. On the flip side, when you own that job description designated to you; it breeds self-motivation, which in turn boosts your productivity and at the end of the day, you soar at what you do.

  1. It’s not going to be easy, but…

Einsten said; A ship is always safe at the shore but that’s not why it’s built. Think about a ship in the deep sea; a part from the few times it’s calm and dreamy (well excluding the Hawaii type ships); there’s the wind, the waves, not forgetting the risk it stands, all that. Now, at the workplace, it’s not going to be easy; but that’s not how you should look at it. Use that arena to learn and grow. Depending on the kind of corporate; I worked in an SME company for a year, and growth there was easy to navigate. In an established corporate, it's fast moving. There’s very little time to ask the questions you would have, you learn on the job.

  1. You will want to quit

These could be influenced by many reasons; perhaps the job is not what you anticipated, the pressure to be productive is too much, negative receptions, just to mention a few. I won’t tell you not to quit; because I have quit a job before. First, have conversations with yourself, reach out to a mentor (or someone you trust), then make a sound decision; not based on how you feel at the moment, but based on your long-term desire.

  1. Use that arena to grow

Many times, we get soaked I doing what “your boss says” and forget that it’s actually a career path you’re building. You don’t want to be in a situation where at the end of your time at the job you realize that all you did was grow the company but not yourself. As you work, intentionally aim to develop yourself as a person too.

  1. Friendship is slippery at the work place

Here’s the thing; I wouldn’t say that you shouldn’t be friends with your colleagues; because then it is likely you will have a hard time. However, be conscious that these are workmates; have some sort of boundaries. Actually, I just realized, some people meet their spouses at the workplace. The irony huh? Clearly there’s no rule of thumb- just make conscious decisions.

  1. Be relevant

Often when we look for jobs; we say all these good things about yourselves…for one obvious reason; you want to be hired. While at the job, remember the humility at which you were before the interview panel, remember how ‘badly’ you wanted that job. Give it your best shot. Companies receive hundreds if not thousands of applications; so, don’t give them a reason to let go of you. There’s this question that employers like to ask; “what are you bringing on board?” Be innovative and proactive, not just by saying, but by implementation. Show them how much of an asset you are, they will not be ready to let you go.

These my friends are few lessons I have learnt from employment; feel free to share with me your experiences. And, for anyone who's actively looking for a job, I pray that you may find favor. Also remember; God's timing is the best.

Thank you so much for all the feedback y’all send in my way; I really appreciate. Special shout out to all of you who expressed interest in joining my WhatsApp Broadcast List; we shall be live soon :)

Love & Hugs!

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